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Please note that as of September 16, 2021, applications for restrictive covenants will be heard on Tuesdays only.


Published Journal Articles

1) Published Article: "Performance Measurements - The Cartwheels of the Modern Court System " on pages 75-99 of the Journal of Criminology Vol 2-1, can be accessed at:

Author: Dr. Denarto Dennis 


2) Published Article: "Statistical Methods and Court Efficiency" can be accessed in the SSRN e-Journal at: or

Author: Dr. Denarto Dennis 


3) Published Article: "The Principles and Practices of Case Counting and Case Classification: Lessons from the Criminal and Civil Jurisdictions of the Jamaican Court System" can be accessed in the SSRN e-Journal at:

Author: Dr. Denarto Dennis 



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Strategic Plan for the Jamaican Judiciary 2019-2023