The Hon. Mr. Justice Bryan Sykes

Moo Young, Ervin v Dewar, Debbian, Cheddisingh, Marshenee and ZIP (103) FM Limited

Company law - Section 213a of the Companies Act - Unfair prejudice - Whether injunction should be granted against possible action taken on passed resolution - Whether injunction should be granted against the defendant acting as a director until court considers the matter - Whether a suitable person should be appointed in the interim

Stewart, Gordon v Sloley, Noel, SNR and Sloley, Noel, JNR; Brown, Gordon; Lee Sheung, Deborah and Jamaica Tours Limited

Civil procedure − Application to set aside provisional charging order – Parts 11, 17, 48 and 65 of the Civil Procedure Rules – Whether there was material non-disclosure on the without notice application for the provisional charging order – Sections 28d, 28e and 47 of the Judicature (Supreme Court) Act – Whether judge of equal jurisdiction can set aside order of other judge

First Global Bank Limited v Rose, Rohan

Civil procedure - Enforcement of money Judgment - Application for provisional attachment of debt order and provisional charging order to be made final - Application to discharge or vary provisional order.


Depass Kellyman, Julia v Kellyman, Xavier and Kellyman, Nathan

 Civil procedure Application to strike out or stay proceedings – Private international law – Parties living overseas and land located in Jamaica – Parties divorcing in foreign state and make agreement to dispose of land in Jamaica – Whether agreement involves dispute over title to land or just personal obligation



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