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The Hon. Mr. Justice Courtney Daye

Regina v The Commissioner of Police Ex Parte Christopher Alexander Getfield

Application for Judicial Review – Certiorari - to quash
decision of Commissioner of Police to dismiss and
refusal of Re-enlistment in the Jamaica Constabulary
Force – breach of right of fair hearing – Reg. 20, 45, 46,
47 Police Services Regulation, 1961. Section 5 of
Jamaica Constabulary Force Act.

Hosang, Myra Rose v Hosand, David Anthony

Maintenance – Children – wife – Sections 4, 5, 9 and 14 of Maintenance Act, 2005. Property (Rights of Spouses) Act, 2004 Section 2, 6 and 13. – Lump-sum payment from asset of spouse – Payment mortgage arrears – Occupational rent.

Powell, Everith v Graham, Lloyd and Graham, Sharon

Property (Rights of Spouses) Act 2004 Secs. 2, 6,7,13 and 14 - Division of Property - Single woman and single man - Unequal contribution to acquisition of land - Construction of house – Registered Title in joint names - Equal share rule – Variation of equal share rule -Contribution of third party

Gordon, Jhamiellah v Chevannes, Jevon Paul Devere

Assessment of Damages – Personal Injury – Proof of special damages – Self-employed, part-time worker -Whiplash – Mid and lower back – 2% permanent partial disability – Loss of earnings – Loss of earning capacity - or handicap on labour market – Method of quantification of damages – Lump sum multiplier/multiplicand.

Hussey, Percival v Wright, Paul

Default Judgment - Application to set aside Default Judgment - 2nd Application - R. 13 (1) (2) (3) of CPR 2002, as amended - Definition - Promissory Note - Sec. 83 Bill of Exchange Act - Sec. 35-36, 50 Stamp Duty Act- Enforceability of Instrument - Creation of Hire Purchase Agreement.

Williams, Arthur v Holness, Andrew

Constitutional law - Parliament - The Senate - Appointment of Senator - Resignation of Senator - Removal of Senator - Pre-Signed and undated letters of resignation and authorization given to leader of opposition by Sanator at time of appointment  to use letters at his sole discretion to effect resignation of Senator –  Senator refusing to resign - Use of the letters by the leader of oppositon to effect resignation of the Senator – Whether authority to use letters revoked - Whether letters unconstitutional - Whether the request for and use of the letters by the leader of the opposition uncon



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