The Hon. Mr. Justice Leighton Pusey

Williams, Darwin v The Transport Authority and The Attorney General of Jamaica

Tort – Malicious Prosecution – Wrongful Interference with Chattels/Goods – Detinue – Conversion – Whether motor vehicle was wrongfully detained – Whether there was reasonable and probable cause – The Transport Authority Act section 13; 13A; 15 and 16A – The Road Traffic Act sections 61(4A) and 61(4B) 

Jackson, Andra v Davidson, Valentine

Civil Procedure – Whether claim can proceed where the enactment upon which the claim is premised is not stated – Whether Claimant’s statement of case is sufficient – Prejudice – Overriding Objective of the Court – Exclusion of Hearsay Document – Civil Procedure Rules 1.1; 8.7; 8.8; 8.9; 26.9 and 29.1 Family Law – Division of Property – Whether claim was made in time – Whether the Parties were in a common-law relationship – Whether the parties separated in 2007 or 2011 – Whether claim is to proceed under section 6 or 14 of PROSA – Nature and Tenure of Claim – Whether Claimant is entitled to

Simpson, Keino (By Next Friend Simone May) v Newton South and Simone May

Negligence – Motor Vehicle Accident – Motor Car and Pedal Cyclist – Credibility of Parties – Contributory Negligence – Whether the then minor Claimant was contributory negligent – Assessment of Damages – General Damages – Future Medical Care – Special Damages – Counterclaim – Agency – Relationship between Principal Actor and Third-Parties – Road Traffic Act s. 51 

Minott, Junior v The Attorney General of Jamaica

Negligence – Shooting by Police Officers – Breach of Duty of Care – Whether there was an armed felon fleeing – Whether the police was acting in lawful self-defence and/or execution of their statutory duties – Innocent Bystander – Assessment of Damages – General Damages – Special Damages – Constabulary Force Act s. 13

Bignall, Vaughn O'Neil v The General Legal Council and the Attorney General of Jamaica

Constitutional Law - Constitution of Jamaica - Charter of Fundamental Rights and Freedoms - Sections 13 (3) (a), (c), (d), (e) and 16 (2).
The Legal Profession Act - Sections 3, 11 and 12 (7) - Legal Profession (Canons of Professional Ethics) Rules - Advertising regulations comprised in canons II (d) (ii), II(e), II (h), II (i), II (j), II(k) and II(l).

Clarke, Claudette (Administratrix of the Estate of Keith Clarke, deceased and in her own right) v Tinglin, Greg; Buckley, Odel et al

Constitutional law – Constitutionality and validity of good faith certificates – Whether good faith certificates infringe the doctrine of separation of powers – Whether good faith certificates supersede the prosecutorial powers of the Director of Public Prosecutions – Whether good faith certificates which were issued outside of the period of emergency are ultra vires, null and void – The Jamaica (Constitution) Order in Council, 1962, Emergency Powers Act, section 3, Emergency Powers Regulations, 2010, regulations 45 and 46



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