The Hon. Mrs. Andrea Pettigrew-Collins

Pinnock, Fritz and Reid, Ruel v His Honour Chester Crooks, Chief Judge of Parish Courts

Application to set aside or vary order - Order was made granting leave to apply for
judicial review - Applicant not a party to claim for judicial review - Applicant not
served with application for leave - Whether order ex parte - If order not ex parte can
order be revoked or stayed by a judge of concurrent jurisdiction - Applicant asserts
interest as a party directly affected - Whether order should be varied or set aside.

Berry, Linton v Attorney General

Constitutional Law – Whether breach of constitutional rights – Right to equitable and humane treatment by public authority – Right to enjoy healthy and productive environment – Right to protection from torture, or inhuman or degrading punishment – Whether claimant provided with access to life-saving food and medication, meals and medication in a timely manner and adequate access to medical and dental care.

Dennis, Garnett v Barnes, Newton and Barnes, Sonia

Whether the claimant has acquired rights to a possessory title to the disputed
parcels of land - Whether title fraudulently transferred to the Defendants - Whether
Claimant or defendants entitled to damages for trespass or mesne profits.

White, Vinnett v Brown, Sandra and Grey, Paul Stephen

Negligence – Whether breach of duty of care- whether damage or injury to claimant – Whether claimant can rely on particulars of negligence not pleaded –Rule 8.9A of the Civil Procedure Rules – Whether doctrine of res ipsa loquitur applicable – Inevitable accident.



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