The Hon. Mrs. Justice Audre Lindo

Commissioner of Lands v Thomas, Valtiman

Compulsory Land Acquisition – Compensation and Interest paid – Owner of land aggrieved – Reference by the Commissioner of Lands – Land Acquisition Act

Stephens, Matthew and Stephens, Icilda v The Administrator General of Jamaica (Adminisgtrator of the estate of Josiah Bromfield) and Brown, Garfield and The Attorney General of Jamaica

Land law – Indefeasibility of Title – Registration of Titles Act ss.68, 70 and 71– Whether title holders are the legal owners of all the land comprised in the title – Whether Claimants are entitled to damages for trespass and loss of use of lot occupied by 2nd Defendant – Whether lot occupied by 2nd Defendant included in title by error of and/or wrong description of the parcels or boundaries – Whether disputed lot of land acquired by 1st and 2nd Defendants by ‘adverse possession’

Dystant, Monica v White, Mary

Defamation – Email sent to proprietors in Strata Corporation by Secretary - Whether words defamatory – Whether Defendant absolved under Registration (Strata Titles) Act, Section 9A – Qualified Privilege – Justification – Fair Comment

Wright, Carl Donovan v Graham Wright, Nadia Solaine

Petition for Dissolution of Marriage – Application for Custody and maintenance of children - Whether child is a child of the family – Divorce not yet final – Matrimonial Causes Act - Children (Guardianship and Custody) Act – Maintenance Act

Thompson, Tiolyn v Edwards Norman

Claim for 50% share in home and other properties – Parties unmarried – Whether claimant is spouse – Whether parties separated – Whether limitation period applies – Property (Rights of Spouses) Act ss. 2, 4, 6, 7, 11 & 13.

Allison, Violet v Lawrence-Johnson, Josephine and Cousins, Patrick

Land Dispute – Three properties merged into one – Land brought under the Registration of Titles Act – Whether title obtained by fraud – Whether claim is statute barred – Adverse possession – Limitation of Actions Act – Registration of Titles Act (RTA), ss. 42, 68, 70, 71, 153, 158, 161 & 168.



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