The Hon. Mrs. Justice Marcia Dunbar Green

Pessoa- Sinclair, Keisha v Commissioner of Police

Judicial Review – Application for Re-enlistment denied – Applicant granted hearing – Short notice – Whether Applicant waived right to legal representation – Order for re-hearing – Whether court has jurisdiction to order remuneration

The Caribbean Examinations Council v The Industrial Disputes Tribunal and Phillip, Gerard

Judicial Review-Decision of Industrial Disputes Tribunal - Labour Relations and Industrial Disputes Act – Caribbean Examinations Council relying on immunity from legal process – Diplomatic Immunities and Privileges Act – Diplomatic Immunities and Privileges (Caribbean Examinations Council Order) 1998 – Whether IDT engaged in a legal process– Whether immunity restrictive – Whether IDT lacked Jurisdiction.

Miller, Carlene v Miller, Harold

Dissolution of Marriage in Foreign Court - Separation Agreement Incorporated in Dissolution judgment - Provision in Separation Agreement to Establish Trust over land in Jamaica - Consequential Orders made by Foreign court - Trust and Conveyancing Deeds executed by Foreign Court in name of absent Defendant -Whether foreign judgment and/or Orders in personam or rem - Whether foreign judgment enforceable in Jamaica - Whether Separation Agreement enforceable in Jamaica.

Burton, Constable Pedro v The Commissioner of Police

Judicial Review – Application for leave to apply for judicial review - Application to extend time to apply for leave - Reasons for delay - Whether good reasons exist to extend time - Whether arguable ground having a realistic prospect of success - Considerations for court's discretion - CPR 2002

Blake, Prudence v Blake, Hughroy

Matrimonial Property – Separation of Parties – Division of Matrimonial Property – Family Home – Equal Share Rule – Property (Rights of Spouses) Act

O'Connor Reid, Pansy v Reid, Evan

Matrimonial Property - Dissolution of Marriage-Property (Rights of Spouses) Act - 2004 whether residence a “family home” – Whether Claimant entitled to sixty percent share – Whether contribution is enough to displace the equal share rule – Whether shop appurtenant to family home and used wholly or mainly for purposes of household - Declaration as to share in other property.

Cockings, Herbert Keith v Cockings, Grace Gertrude

Matrimonial Property - Claim for 50% share in house and land -Limitation of Actions Act - Whether property rights extinguished - Severance of joint - Tenancy - Effect of unregistered transfer of title -Illegal purpose of transfer - Whether illegality a bar to resulting trust.



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