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The Hon. Mrs. Justice Sonya Wint-Blair

Berry, Linton v Attorney General

Constitutional Law – Whether breach of constitutional rights – Right to equitable and humane treatment by public authority – Right to enjoy healthy and productive environment – Right to protection from torture, or inhuman or degrading punishment – Whether claimant provided with access to life-saving food and medication, meals and medication in a timely manner and adequate access to medical and dental care.

Sykes, Steven and Lynden Nugent v Kingston & St. Andrew Municipal Corporation, Natural Resources Conservation Authority and the Town and Country Planning Authority1

Judicial Review - Whether amended fixed date claim filed without leave permissible at trial – Whether building permit granted during COVID-19 considered emergency– Whether grant of conditional planning and environmental permits ultra vires – Whether conditional grant of environmental and planning permits subject to judicial review - Interpretation of section 20 Building Act 2018 - Kingston and St. Andrew Building (Notices and Objections) Regulations 1938 - Town and Country Planning Act 1958 - Natural Resources Conservation Authority Act 1991 - Town and Country Planning (Kingston and St.

Parkins, Kadian, Davis, Tashana et al v Cari-Med Group Limited and Kirk-FP Limited

Injunction – Constitutional claim - COVID-19 vaccine policy – claimants are employees of defendants – whether Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) testing breaches contract of employment – whether breach of constitutional rights under Charter of Fundamental Rights and Freedoms - whether court should exercise or decline jurisdiction under section 19 of the Charter of Fundamental Rights and Freedoms – whether law of contract can provide an adequate alternate remedy – whether Charter rights are of horizontal application - Civil Procedure Rules – Rule 26.1(1)(k), sections 13 and 19 of The Charter of

Regina v Findlay, Kowain

Evidence – Live Link Video - Special measures - Application by prosecution - Whether vulnerable witness - Whether breach of right to a fair trial - Right to confrontation - Right to life - Bench trial - Evidence (Special Measures) Act, 2012, The Charter of Fundamental Rights and Freedoms (Constitutional Amendment) Act, 2011, The Constitution of Jamiaca (Order in Council), The Evidence (Special Measures) (Criminal Jurisdiction) (Judicature) (Supreme Court) Rules, 2016



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