The Honourable Mrs Justice Icolin M. Reid.

Jaddoo, Donnetta v Jaddoo, David

Division of matrimonial property - Property (Rights of Spouses) Act,  sections 2, 6,

7, 13 and 14 - The family home - Other matrimonial properties – Whether wife is

Entitled to a share of the other matrimonial properties – Whether wife is entitled

To part of the business -  How to calculate wife’s interest in business which has been Sold

Larman, Judith (Beneficiary of the Estate of Orville Anthony Larman, deceased) v Larman, Antoinette Desiree (Executrix of the Estate of Orville Larman, deceased)

Administration of estate - Probate - Administration with will annexed - Whether the Court has the power to clarify vary or alter a previous Court order of a judge of concurrent jurisdiction which has been perfected - Error of omission in previously made order – Rule 42.10(1) - Intention of the Court in previous order - Circumstances associated with the application – Substantial delay in administration of deceased's estate - Interpretation of the words 'permitted to proceed' - Ordinary meaning of word/phrase - Removal and substitution of personal representative – Rule 68.61- Whether to clear

Alfred, Fiona Kadesha v Alfred, Mario Raphael

Husband and wife purchased property – Property (Rights of Spouses) Act -
Adverse possession - Whether the property is the family home – Whether the
property is matrimonial property – Whether it would be unjust to give each spouse
a 50% share in the property


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