Master Miss Pamela Mason (Acting)

Duncan, Khia Josina v Steele, Stephen

Application for Interim Spousal Maintenance – Whether Threshold Finding can be made – Maintenance Act, 2005 Sections 6, 14(4) and 5(2) – No longer Cohabitating Partners

CEAC Outsourcing Company Limited v Natural Resources Conservation Authority, National Environment and Planning Agency, The North East Regional Health Authority et al

Amendments to Fixed Date Claim Form after Case Management Conference – Civil Procedure Rules 20.4 and 1.1 – New Cause of Action – Constitutional Claims – Charter of Rights 13(3)(h) – Whether Charter of Rights applies to Companies – Section 9 of Natural Conservation Authority Act – section 2(2) of the Natural -
Resources (Prescribe Areas) (Prohibition of Categories of Enterprise, Construction and Development) Order, 1996.

Ruddock, Trevor v Brown, Farran

Application to set Aside default judgment – Pursuant to Rule 13.3 of the Civil Procedure Rules (CPR) as amended in 2006.



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