Re 10 Roseberry Drive, St. Andrew

Application to modify restrictive covenants – Whether covenant obsolete – Whether the existence of the covenant impedes the reasonable use of the land – Whether modification injures the persons entitled to the benefit of the restriction

Parkins, Kadian, Davis, Tashana et al v Cari-Med Group Limited and Kirk-FP Limited

Injunction – Constitutional claim - COVID-19 vaccine policy – claimants are employees of defendants – whether Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) testing breaches contract of employment – whether breach of constitutional rights under Charter of Fundamental Rights and Freedoms - whether court should exercise or decline jurisdiction under section 19 of the Charter of Fundamental Rights and Freedoms – whether law of contract can provide an adequate alternate remedy – whether Charter rights are of horizontal application - Civil Procedure Rules – Rule 26.1(1)(k), sections 13 and 19 of The Charter of

Nish, Derron v The Commissioner of Police

Motion Hearing – Application for Contempt of Court – Application for re-enlistment in the JCF– Absence of Penal Notice in Formal Order – Powers of Court on Application

Johnson, Christine v Johnson, Richard

Civil Procedure - Application for specific disclosure - Claim under the Property (Rights of Spouses) Act - Rule 28.16 of the Civil Procedure Rules - whether documents which are sought to be disclosed are directly relevant to the claim.

Regina v Rainford, Vivian

Fitness to plead – Illegal Possession of Firearm – Wounding with intent – Section 25 of the Criminal Justice Administration Act



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