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Davis-Brown;, Lorna and Basil Brown v Davis, Nicole Simone et al

Application for extension of time to file defence - Application for default judgment to be entered - Rules10.3(9), 12.1, 12.5 and 13.4, 26.1(2) (c) of the Civil Procedure Rules - Lengthy and inordinate delay - No good reason provided - Good and arguable defence

Hamilton, Aaliyah v Hayman, Wilton

Summary judgment - Rear end collision - Admission of negligence - No admission of causation - Denial that the claimant was involved in the collision - Denial that the minor collision caused any injury or loss - Whether court should enter summary judgment.

ADS Global Limited v McLean Holding Limited

Landlord & Tenant – Breach of Agreement for Quiet Enjoyment – Establishing Breach of Quiet Enjoyment - Whether Claimant has shown any facts that show a breach of the Agreement for Quiet Enjoyment.

Contract – Breach of Contract – Whether Claimant has established breach of contract – Whether the right of re-entry was properly exercised under the contract.

Small, Christopher v Donovan Murray

Application to extend the time to file defence, claim for adverse possession, failure
to file defence due to inadvertence, real prospect of success, explanation for the
delay, application of the overriding objective; parties’ duty to further the overriding


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