The Hon. Miss Justice Anne-Marie A. Nembhard

Davis, Dawn v Gray, Delrose

Land - Joint Tenancy – Extinction of title of registered owner – Limitation of Actions Act, 1881, sections 3, 4, 14 and 30

Scotia Jamaica Building Society v Henry, Andrea

Civil Procedure – Setting aside default judgment – Whether the defendant has a real prospect of successfully defending claim - Rule 13.3 of the Civil Procedure Rules, 2002, (as amended 18 September 2006)

Cranston, Caren v Samuels , Tamazine et al

Equity – Whether claimant has an equitable interest in property - Proprietary Estoppel – Whether claimant’s evidence is hearsay evidence – Part 30 of the Civil Procedure Rules 2002

Eaton, Noel v Michelle Fenton et al

Civil Procedure – Striking out statement of case – Whether claim is statute barred - Rule 26.3 (1) of the Civil Procedure Rules; Limitation of Actions Act

Gentles, Dahlia v Gentles Mark

Maintenance Act – spousal maintenance – condition precedent to maintenance order – whether the obligation to maintain spouse activated

Reid, Cyrus v JP Tropical Foods Limited

Application to strike out statement of case under Rule 26.3 (1) of the Civil Procedure Rules - Limitation of Actions Act - Whether claim is statute barred - Application under rule 20.6 of the Civil Procedure Rules.



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