The Hon. Mr. Justice David Batts

Morgan, Lowell v Sentry Services Company Ltd. and SGB Maintenance Limited

Negligence – Breach of Contract – Burglary – whether First Defendant security provider negligent – Whether Second Defendant property manager in breach of duty of care - whether Claimant aware of danger- whether Claimant contributed to or caused his own loss - whether hearsay objection in witness statement best taken at Pre-trial Review – Damages in the absence of Documentary proof.

Williams, Arthur v Holness, Andrew

Constitutional law - Parliament - The Senate - Appointment of Senator - Resignation of Senator - Removal of Senator - Pre-Signed and undated letters of resignation and authorization given to leader of opposition by Sanator at time of appointment  to use letters at his sole discretion to effect resignation of Senator –  Senator refusing to resign - Use of the letters by the leader of oppositon to effect resignation of the Senator – Whether authority to use letters revoked - Whether letters unconstitutional - Whether the request for and use of the letters by the leader of the opposition uncon

Chin, David v Attorney General of Jamaica

Constitutional law – Search of Jamaican Vessel by foreign forces – Maritime Drug Trafficking (Suppression) Act – Whether law authorises search while Jamaican vessel in Jamaican port



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