The Hon. Mr. Justice David Batts

Petros, Sam v Murray, George and Karin

Contract – Tomlin Order – Variation – Terms of Variation - Whether Variation an Enforceable Agreement – Whether Terms include “Close of Business” – Whether Conditional Contract-Specific Performance.

Edwards, Mageleatha Leanora et al v Fray, Anthony S. Elmo

Land – Claim by Executor - Dual registration of title – Whether second registered title eclipses the first – Whether registration obtained by Fraud – Possessory Title – Limitation of Actions – Whether one party obtained a possessory title.

Bacchas, Errol v Westmoreland Parish Council, Beharie, Charles and Beharie, Opal

Civil Procedure - Application for Leave to Appeal an Order for Costs – application to Extend Time to appeal – Whether Judge has Power to Set Aside an Order made by another Judge of Equal Jurisdiction- Whether Appeal has a Real Prospect of Success - Whether costs at Case Management must always be costs in the claim,

National Commercial Bank Jamaica Limited v McPherson, Humphrey Lee

Loan- Application to strike out defence as showing no real prospect of success  Application for summary judgment – Whether fact that promissory note not signed a defence – Whether fact that bank wrongly debited trust account a defence – Loan admitted and repayment not alleged



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