The Hon. Mr. Justice David Batts

Fritz, Darnel v Collins, John

Mortgage – Whether fraud or undue influence – Limitation of Actions Act – Whether applicable to Statutory Power of Sale - Whether duty of Mortgagee to satisfy self of mental competence of the person executing the mortgage.

Tewani Limited v Tikal Limited (Trading as Super Plus Food Stores)

Lease - Registration of Titles Act - Whether unregistered lease for ten years enforceable - Whether new owner can enforce lease against original tenant - Whether tenancy terminated or surrendered - Whether tenant liable for unpaid rent – Whether new owner accountable for deposit.

Watson, Christopher v Tankweld Limited

Negligence - Causation - Defence as to quantum- Assessment of damages – Claimant survives an aeroplane accident – Injuries to his face, arms, legs and back – Post traumatic stress disorder – Permanent pain – Whether pain attributable to physical injury or psychogenic

Scott, Esther; Scott, Gladstone et al v Scott, Allison

Limitation of Actions – Joint Tenancy- One Joint Owner in possession – Surviving Joint owner living overseas when property purchased and never in possession – Whether title of surviving joint owner „automatically” extinguished after 12 years – Whether children of joint owner in possession have a cause of action – Whether trial ought to be in chambers or in open court.