The Hon. Mr. Justice David Batts

Abrahams, Eric Jason v Cable and Wireless Jamaica Limited

Company Law - Application for permission to bring a derivative action outside the jurisdiction - Preliminary point as to jurisdiction - Whether S. 212 of Companies Act applies only to actions in Jamaica – Whether application ought to be by Fixed Date Claim

Murray, Norma v Murray, Harold

Property Rights of spouses Act – Partition Act - Whether fraudulent  transfer of a 1/3 interest – Whether each spouse only entitled to a 1/3 interest.

GM and Associates Limited v Sabal PH 1200 Limited

Application for Stay pending Arbitration - Whether request for arbitration – Whether words “Notice is imminent” negates request - Whether filing legal action amounts to election not to arbitrate.

Walters, Isolyn v Jamaica Bauxite Mining Limited

CONTRACT – Lease – Representations- Whether oral collateral agreement that lease would be renewed – Whether oral collateral agreement that tenant would be compensated – Estoppel – Whether landlord estopped from exercising legal rights under terms of the Lease – Expert Evidence – Whether replacement cost at date of claim relevant.

Television Jamaica Limited v Linscom Network Limited

COPYRIGHT – Cable Television – Whether Defendant infringed copyright by broadcasting Diamond League event - “overspill” - Whether Defendant liable – Statutory construction – Copyright Act sections 31(5), 31(1), 32(3).

Dunbar, Millard v Saint Catherine Co-operative Credit Union Limited

Application for payment of money held as security - Injunction discharged - Whether undertaking as to damages implied – Whether damage or loss is to be set off against money held as security – Foreclosure – Whether mortgagor entitled to refund of money held as security.



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