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The Hon. Mr. Justice Kirk Anderson

Cunningham, Len and Leroy Cunningham (By and through their agent Joyce Bunting) v Hall, Victor and Sonia Hall

Failure to serve witness statement within the relevant time - Rule 29.11 of the Civil Procedure Rules (CPR) - Application for relief from sanction under Rule 26.8 of the CPR - Application made after trial had begun - Legal effect of irregular order granting extension of time - Whether the relevant witness statement was served within time as prescribed and whether any sanction applies, particularly if the relevant witness statement was filed within time - Whether a sanction applies and, if so, what is that sanction?

Bailey, Jairzenho v The Board of Management of the College of Agriculture, Science and Education (CASE)

Breach of Rules 9.3(1) and 10.3(1) of the Civil Procedure Rules (CPR) - Whether a default judgment has been entered against the defendant, and if so, whether the court should set it aside and/or stay its execution - Application for extension of time to file defence - Whether the length of the defendant’s delay is inordinate - Whether the defendant had a good reason for not filing and serving its defence and acknowledgment of service within the time prescribed - Whether the pre-litigation communication dated May 12, 2021 from the defendant to the claimant was ‘without prej

Honeywell, Earle v Donald Stephenson and BCIC Insurance Company Limited

Application for rectification of contract - Alleged mistake when drafting third party release agreement - Whether the third party release agreement as executed between the claimant and 2nd defendant evinced the true and common intention of the parties - Whether common or unilateral mistake was made in the drafting and preparation of the agreement - Whether the court can exercise its equitable jurisdiction to rectify the instrument of agreement to reflect the true and common intention of the parties - Whether the agreement should be set aside - Whether the agreement as executed by the partie

Evans, Nadiea v National Commercial Bank Limited

Claim for recovery of damages for false imprisonment and malicious prosecution
- Whether the defendant had imprisoned the claimant or whether the claimant was detained by the police - Whether the claimant was imprisoned in the absence of reasonable and probable cause - Whether the defendant
had prosecuted the claimant - Whether the claimant was prosecuted in the
absence of reasonable or probable cause - Whether the prosecution of the
claimant was actuated by malice.

Re Legal guardianship of JDR

Application for guardianship order – Applicant who is a close blood relative of the relevant child – Applicant resides overseas – Child’s biological mother purportedly

Peterkin, Arlene v Natural Resources Conservation Authority, Town and Country Planning Authority and National Housing Trust

Judicial Review – Statutory interpretation – Illegality – Whether the authority acted illegally –Irrationality – Whether the authority acted irrationally – Whether illegality and irrationality are equated in law – Effluent(s) – Absence of meaning in the Act – Use of a dictionary meaning – Secondary dictionary meaning – Environmental permit – Environmental licences – Object and purpose of the statute – Relationship between primary and subsidiary legislation – Presumption of correctness in statute – Whether provisions are mandatory or discretionary – Whether regulations are ultra vires the pr


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