The Hon. Mr. Justice Kissock Laing

Skyrock Capital Limited v Lawrence, Minette and Lawrence, Lowell

Practice and procedure - Application for Summary Judgment - Principles - Part 15. 2 (b) of the Civil Procedure Rules
Mediation clauses – Application for stay of claim in favour of mediation - Principles to be applied - Whether similar to stay in favour of arbitration – Effect if any of steps taken in the proceedings.
Promissory note - Validity - Defences - requirement of stamping - Whether claim based on promissory note or whether promissory note is being used as supporting evidence only

Phoenix Printery Limited v Ashcar Printing Solutions Limited

Contract – Pre-Incorporation contract- Whether adopted - Whether subsequent contract executed – Whether breach of contract to pay commission – whether breach of contract by claimant releases defendant from obligation to pay sums due under contract.

Robinson, Cindy v The Attorney General of Jamaica

Constitutional law – Breach of right to a fair trial within a reasonable time – Delay
in judgment being delivered – Impossibility of judgment being lawfully delivered
the Judge having retired – Whether a retrial ought to be ordered – Burden of
proof as regards whether a retrial ought to be ordered – Remedies – Whether
compensation ought to be awarded to the claimant as damages arising from the
breach – Assessment of sum to be awarded – Whether award can include
damages and costs in original claim – Charter of Fundamental Rights and



Matrimonial Proceedings

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