The Hon. Mr. Justice Kissock Laing

Nunes, Aspinal Wayne v Jamaica Redevelopment Foundation Inc.

Practice and Procedure – Injunction - Application for injunction to restrain Mortgagee’s exercise of its power of sale contained in a mortgage - Whether Mortgagee may be restrained - Whether damages is an adequate remedy-Section 106 of The Registration of Titles Act - Limitation of Actions Act - Evidence – Use of without prejudice communication.

Campbell, Douglas v The Strata Appeals Tribunal and PSP No. 73 (Carib Ocho Rios)

Administrative Law - Application for Judicial Review of decision of Strata Appeals Tribunal – Registration (Strata Titles) Act - Relevant section of act to be applied on appeal to Strata Appeals Tribunal where issue being appealed is assessment of Strata Corporation and there was no appeal to Commission of Strata Corporations - Time limit on appeal to Strata Appeals Tribunal - Whether appeal to Strata Appeals Tribunal must be made within thirty days.