The Hon. Mr. Justice Patrick Brooks

Century National Bank LTD and Century National Merchant Bank Trust Co. LTD and Jamaican Redevelopment Foundation INC v Windsor Commercial Land Company LTD et al

Civil Procedure – Application to substitute claimant – Assets of original claimant

acquired by applicant – Applicant has since transferred the interest which it

acquired - Counterclaim existing against original claimant – Counterclaiming

defendant not interested in pursuing the counterclaim against original claimant or

applicant - Whether applicant ought to be substituted – Whether original claimant

Blake, Zephaniah and Blake, Inez v Hunt, Almando, Hunt, Hazel et al

Land – Boundary Fence – Fence not placed along the registered boundary – Dispute as to

the length of time that fence in place – Whether acquiescence as to location - Whether

sufficient time had elapsed for fence to be declared the boundary – Whether possessory

title secured as a result of incorrect placement – Limitation of Actions Act ss. 3 and 45



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