The Hon. Mr. Justice Patrick Brooks

Blair, Dave v Hugh C. Hyman & Co, Hugh C. Hyman

Practice and Procedure - Application to set aside default judgment - Delay in filing

Defence - Wbether Defence has any real prospect of success - Rule 13.3 of the CPR

- Limitation period in Tort

Aarons, Elecia v Zepheniah Aarons

Contract - Whether monies delivered to the Defendant by the Claimant was

by way of an investmelit in a business enterprise or by way of loan

Horner, Dudley Ian Ward

Practice and Procedure - Fixed Date Claim Form not served - Order made thereon

- Respondent said to be unable to manage his affairs - Application to set aside order - Whether notice of the Fixed Date Claim form should have been given - Whether

any other order would have been made had notice been given - CPR, rules 5.10,

11.16 and 11.18

Mental Health - Application for order appointing Committee - Whether notice of

Regina v The Director of Correctional Services Ex parte Garfield Peart

Sentencing - Murder - Applicant a juvenile at time of commission of offence - Detention at the courts's pleasure - Application for review of sentence - Application for release - Whether applicant should be released - Factore to be taken into account - The Civil Procedure Rules (2002) (CPR) Part 75 - The Juveniles Act S. 29(1) repealed - The Parole Aact S. 7(7).

Douglas, Major Herman v Jamaica Observer Ltd & Denzil Kerr

Defamation - Words published concerning competence of a public officer in

carrying out his duties - Whether defamatory - Whether defences of justification,

qualified privilege and/or fair comment made out - Whether publisher actuated by

malice -Whether newspaper acted reasonably and prudently in reporting the issue

(Reynolds defence)

Citizens Bank Ltd v Randolph Green

Practice and Procedure - Application to set aside default judgment -Whether Writ

1 of Summons served - Delay in filing Application - Whether Defence has any real

prospect of success -Rules 13.2 and 13.3 of the CPR

Bratton Limited, First Caribbean International Bank (JA) Ltd v National Commercial Bank (Ja) Ltd, RBTT Bank Jamaica Ltd et al

Bills of Exchange - Cheque - Fraudulent Indorsement - Drawer issuing incomplete

crossed cheque - qheque completed by a person other than the named payee and

indorsed to thirq party - Whether payee "fictitious" - Bills of Exchange Act,

sections 7 and 8.

Banking - Effect of qrossing on cheque - Rights and responsibilities of paying bank -

Rights and responsil)ilities of collecting bank - Bills of Exchange Act, sections 60,80,

82 and 90.

Re Norbrook Heights

Land law - Restrictive covenant - Covenant preventing subdivision - Application for modify - Whether objectors entitled to the benefit of the covenant - Whether words used in the originating documents sufficient to annex the benefit to the land - Whether land affected by the covenant - Whether building scheme created - Unity of seisin - Land law - Restrictive Covenant - Covenant preventing subdivision Application to modify - Whether character of neighbourhood has changed - Whether objectors have acceded to the breach - Restrictive Covenants (Modification and Discharge) Act, section 3.



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