The Hon. Mrs. Justice Almarie Sinclair-Haynes

Leighton, Frederick v Kingston Wharves Limited and Stephenson, Grantley

Whether pension scheme discontinued or wound-up - Whether pension benefits should have been transferred to another pension plan - Whether trustee of pension scheme was negligent or breached fiduciary duty - Whether alleged oral discussions can contradict the terms of the written contract.

Madam ‘A’ v Cash Plus

Application challenging the appointment of receiver/manager - Whether of receiever/manager can be set aside ex devito justiticiae - Whether part 51 of CPR is applicable generally to the appontment of receiver/manager - Whether failure by judge to state that security for costs is dispensed with vitiates appointment.

Heman, Lloyd v Advantage General Insurance

Insurance law - Whether insurer breached policy - effect of insurers breached on third - Party - Effect of insurer's failure to notify claimant/victim of its application for declaration - resjudicata - Effect of declaration that insureris not liable to satisfy judgement on third party

Hadeed Holdings Ltd v Anderson's Haulage Services Ltd

Land - Whether defendant is a trespasser or tenant- at-will – Whether the defendant was allowed to occupy land pending sale of property - Whether claimant is entitled to damages for trespass by way of mesne profits - Whether defendant is a purchaser who is entitled to specific performance

Future Services Ltd v Attorney General

Whether pepper spray can be imported into Jamaica without a

No Objection Letfer from the Minister of National Security -

implied repeal - Whether the Offenslve Weapons Prohibition

Act authon'zes the possession of pepper spray and by

implication its importation for personal protection - Whether

the importation and sale of pepper spray in Jamaica is legal -

appmpn'ate use Hansard Notes of Parliament - Whether the

matter is mereiy academic - Judicial Review-presumption of




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