Gaynor, Marvin v Braco Farms Ltd and Austin, Noel

Negligence – Contributory negligence – Duty of care – Personal injury – Whether the Road Traffic Act covers collisions in a truck park – Special damages – General damages – Loss of earnings – Unauthorised entry

Smith, Louis v Director of Public Prosecutions and Parish Court Judge for the Parish of Saint James Sandra Wong-Small

Judicial review – Application for leave to apply for judicial review – The threshold test – Whether the applicant has an arguable ground with a realistic prospect of success – Applicant charged with offences under repealed statute – Whether the charges laid against the applicant are null and void and of no effect – Whether the Full Court is the proper forum having regard to all the circumstances of the case – Whether there is an alternative remedy available to the applicant – The Money Laundering Act, section 3(1)(c), The Interpretation Act, section 25(2), The Proceeds of Crime Act, section

Wood, Sonia v Attorney General of Jamaica

Civil Procedure - Application for extension of time to file claim under Section 4(2) of the Fatal Accidents Act - Application for permission for claim form and particulars of claim filed out of time to stand - Application to strike out claim  - Alternatively, application to file defence out of time - CPR 26.4 and 26.8 and 10.3(9).

Rose, Samuel v Galaxy Leisure and Tours Limited

Civil Procedure - Application to strike out claim for an abuse of the process of the Court - Application for an extension of the validity of the claim form - The impact of a Notice of Discontinuance - Whether the hirer under a rental car agreement is vicariously liable for the negligent acts of the hiree of the rental car – CPR 26.3(1)(b), CPR 8.15(1). CPR 37.7

Regina v Gordon, Andrea

Sentence: Plea – Guilty – Larceny as a servant (3 counts) – Breaches of Section 4(1) of the Cybercrimes Act (3) counts –Breaches of the Proceeds of Crimes Act (7) counts



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