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Case Number Title Presiding Judge Date of delivery Neutral Citation
2013HCV00372 3M Company v Manufacturera 3M. S.A. de C.V. and Registrar of Industrial Property 30.05.2014 2014] JMSC Civ 90
2011HCV01292 AH v JH 07.05.2014 [2014] JMSC Civ. 68
2012HCV02454 Alcoa Minerals of Jamaica v The Industrial Dispute Tribunal and Union of Technical Administrative and Supervisory Personnel 25.04.2014 [2014] JMSC Civ. 59
HCV 04076 OF 2014 Alexander House Incorporated v The Salvation Army 30.10.2014 [2014] JMSC Civil 168
2012HCV00954 Allen, Gladstone v Allen, Donald 19.12.2014 [2014] JMSC Civ. 220
2013HCV06306 Allwood, Audrey v Administrator General of Jamaica and Mega Marketing Limited 24.01.2014 [2014] JMSC Civ. 29
2011HCV06340 Anderson, Iris v Anderson, Thomas and The Registrar of Titles 09.05.2014 [2014] JMSC Civ. 62
2014 HCV 00181 Assets Recovery Agency v Satterswaite, Dawn; Cleary, Annmarie; Allen, Terrence; Ramsay, Janet and Higgins, Paulette 31.03.2014 [2014] JMSC Civ. 93
04650 OF 2014 Azar, John Phillips v Tennis Jamaica Limited et al 17.10.2014 [2014] JMSC Civ. 163
2011/HCV 05654 Banton, Clive and Banton, Sadie v Jamaica Redevelopment Foundation Incorporated 04.07.2014 [2014] JMSC Civ. 106
2009HCV00874 Barrett, Errol v Brown, Verley 26.09.2014 [2014] JMSC Civ 226
2008HCV04597 Barrett, Tifanny v DeSouza, Suzette Ann Marie and Hinds-Smith, Shirley 20.02.2014 [2014] JMSC Civ. 25
2013HCV02609 Barrington Cigars (Jamaica) Limited v The Minister of Finance and Planning and The Commissioner of Customs 21.02.2014 [2014] JMSC Civ. 21
2010HCV05699 Baugh, Michael v Ostemeyer, Juliet; Selvaraj, Juliet and Rajpaul, Katherine 04.02.2014 [2014] JMSC Civ. 4
2012HCV02551 Beecham, Shirley v Fontana Montego Bay Ltd. t/a Fontana Pharmacy 22.05.2014 [2014] JMSC Civ. 119
2010HCV0201 Binger, Alison v Ranger, Michael 05.02.2014 [2014] JMSC Civ. 9
2011HCV01482 Blackstock, Jean v Digicel (Jamaica) Ltd. 16.09.2014 [2014] JMSC Civ. 147
2009HCV2863 Blackwood, Ainsworth (Administrator of estate Ainsworth Blackwood jnr. deceased v Crosskill, Naudia et al 25.02.2014 [2014] JMSC Civ 28
2005HCV2297 Blair, Dave v Hugh Hyman & Company and Hyman, Hugh C. 24.06.2014 [2014] JMSC Civ.102
2012HCV06147 Blake, Prudence v Blake, Hughroy 28.11.2014 [2014] JMSC Civ. 203
2008HCV00715 Branch Developments Limited Trading as Iberostar Rose Hall Beach Hotel v The Bank of Nova Scotia Jamaica Limited 24.01.2014 [2014] JMSC Civ. 003
2008 HCV 00715 Branch Developments Limited Trading as Iberostar Rose Hall Beach Hotel v The Bank of Nova Scotia Jamaica Limited 02.04.2014 [2014]JMSC Civ. 40
2010HCV03629 Brown, Patrice v Kingston Wharves Limited and the Attorney General of Jamaica 07.03.2014 [2014] JMSC Civ 231
2004HCV01290 Brown-Sinclair, Ilene v The Attorney General of Jamaica 31.10.2014 [2014] JMSC Civ.174
2011HCV05780 Bryan, Talisha v Simpson, Anthony and Fletcher, Andre 13.03.2014 [2014] JMSC Civ.31
2012HCV04259 Burgess, Michael v J Wray & Nephew Limited; McCalla, Collin and Crosdale, Conroy 07.04.2014 [2014] JMSC Civ. 43
2009HCV2885 Burke, Delia v McKenzie, Deputy Superintendent Carol and the Attorney General of Jamaica 19.09.2014 [2014] JMSC Civ 139
2014HCV02992 Burton, Constable Pedro v The Commissioner of Police 21.11.2014 [2014] JMSC Civ. 187
2009HCV04716 Carter, Tricia v Parnell, Lloyd 15.09.2014 [2014] JMSC Civ. 131
2009HCV06509 Chin, David v Attorney General of Jamaica 21.02.2014 [2014] JMSC Civ. 20
2012HCV00092 Christian, Glenford and Christian, Marva v Westar International Limited, Campbell, Rylant T; Finzi, Winston and First Caribbean International Bank (Jamaica) Limited et al AND Westar International Ltd. et al 13.01.2014 [2015] JMCC Comm 1
2011HCV04379 Clarke, Avia v Wilson, Branford 22.05.2014 [2014] JMSC Civ 237
2013HCV00999 Clough Long & Co. v Samuels, Adolphy; Samuels, Eugenie; Samuels, Courtney; Samuels, Loraine 06.02.2014 [2014] JMSC Civ. 27
2011HCV06112 Cockings, Herbert Keith v Cockings, Grace Gertrude 28.07.2014 [2014] JMSC Civ.126
2011HCV00293 Cole, Dexter v Pinkney, Lissa 05.12.2014 [2014] JMSC Civ 219
2009HCV02898 Commock, Basil v Hemmings, Charmaine Joan 29.01.2015 2014] JMSC Civ. 184
2014JMCC Comm. 12 Construction Developers Associates v. Urban Development Corporation 05.12.2014 2012CD-0084
2009HCV06118 Construction Developers Association Limited v The Attorney General of Jamaica 03.11.2014 [2014] JMSC Civ 183
2012CD01080 Construction Developers Association Limited v The Attorney General of Jamaica; The Government of Jamaica and The Ministry of Health 21.02.2014 [2014] JMCC COMM 3
2011HCV01024 Cunningham, Roderick v The Attorney General for Jamcia, Laing, Superintendent Clinton and Fitzgerald, Corporal Horace 28.02.2014 [2014] JMSC Civ. 30
2014CD00084 Digicel (Jamaica) Limited v Carty, Sharon; Cable and Wireless Communications PLC 05.12.2014 [2014] JMCCCD 12
2013HCV02031 Director of State Proceedings v The Industrial Disputes Tribunal ex parte Juici Beef 18.07.2014 [2014] JMSC Civ. 125
2011HCV06715 Donaldson, Aileen v Donaldson's engineering Ltd., Donaldson, Kevin and Donaldson, Karen 24.01.2014 [2014] JMSC Civ. 35
2009HCV03545 Douglas, Mark et al v Simpson, Rory et al 12.02.2014 [2014] JMSC Civ. 17
2006HCV03555 Dunn, Sydney and Dunn, Gloria v Bishop, Roderick 13.03.2014 [2014] JMSC Civ. 80
2006HCV00117 Earle, Aedan v National Water Commission 02.05.2014 [2014] JMSC Civ. 69
2006HCV00117 Earle, Aedan v National Water Commission 02.05.2014 [2014] JMSC Civ. 69
2009HCV03220 Edmondson, Ainsworth v Thompson, Assistant Commander Ian and The Attorney General of Jamaica 25.04.2014 [2014] JMSC Civ. 130
2011HCV07403 Fdeda, David Elie and Alberga, Anthony Paul v Klein, James M. and Klein-Lord, Susan M. 31.07.2014 [2014] JMSC Civ. 118
2011 HCV 07856 Ferguson, Seymour v Ameco Caribbean Inc., and Dixon, Keeble 13.11.2014 [2014] JMSC Civ 233
2014 HCV 03732 Francis, Oswald v Sagicore Bank Jamaica Limited 27.08.2014 [2014] JMSC Civ. 154
2009HCV00557 G S Trucking Limited v Shipping Association of Jamaica Limited and Levy, James 03.02.2014 [2014] JMSC Civ. 7
2011 HCV 00526 Gallimore, Egbert v Thomas, Junior Andre and Robinson, Leaburn 02.07.2014 [2014] JMSC Civ 236
2008HCV 01237 Gordon, Evon v Brown, Det. Cpl.; Dixon, Cpl. Green, Chief of Police Michael Garrick and Attorney General 17.01.2014
2010M01771 Gordon, Gregory Oneil v Gordon, Pauline Victoria 19.06.2014 [2014] JMSC Civ. 105
2014 HCV 02406 Gordon, Leaford v Robiinson, Damon and the Director of Public Prosecution Consolidated with De La Haye, Romaine v Director of Public Prosecution 04.07.2014 [2014] JMSC Civ. 105
2011HCV06982 Green, Cordell v Stewart, Kingsley 24.02.2014 [2014] JMSC Civ. 26
2008 HCV 0538 Green, Ehoan v The Captain's Bakery Ltd. 18.07.2014 [2014] JMSC Civ. 103
2014HCV01500 Guyah, Omar v Commissioner of Customs, Chief Personnel Office of the Services Commissions and the Attorney General of Jamaica 31.10.2014 [2014] JMSC Civ.176
2009HCV03982 Half Moon Bay Limited, Half Moon Rose Hall Golf Club Limited et al v Rose Hall (Developments) Limited et al 03.06.2014 [2014] JMSC Civ. 94
2012HCV06192 Hamilton, Claudius v Marshall, Kevin and Holness, Geovaughnie 20.03.2014 [2014] JMSC Civ.81
2007HCV04989 Harrison, Clive v O'Hara, Marvin ; O'Hara, Leon et al 27.03.2017 [2014] JMSC Civ 229
2012HCV01698 Harvey, Raymond v Sports & Divers Limited and Downer, Desmond 19.12.2014 [2014] JMSC Civ. 205
2010M00497 Hendricks, Vallen Donovan v Hendricks, Pauline Paula 09.10.2014 [2014] JMSC Civ. 149
HCV05599/2011 & HCV05602/2011 Henry, Constantine v Carter, Austin and E. Phihl & Sons A. S. Limited 03.10.2014 [2014] JMSC Civ 227
2012HCV00138 Hill, Brenda and Administrator General of Jamaica V The Attorney General of Jamaica 19.12.2014 [2014] JMSC Civ. 217
2009HCV05682 Hitchins, Randy v Whitter, Gavel and Green, Patrick 19.12.2014 [2014] JMSC Civ. 221
2011HCV07917 Holness, Duke and Holness, Suzanna v Palmyra Resort and Spa Ltd (In receivership) and Palmyra Properties Ltd. (In receivership) 04.08.2014 [2014] JMSC Civ 123
2010 HCV 00560 Horner-Bryce, Jeanette v Martin, Edgar and Bryson, Mavis 11.04.2014 [2014] JMSC Civ. 86
2009HCV05110 Huggins, Troy v The Attorney General consolidated with Donegal, Urceline (Mother and near relations of the late Ralston Easy, deceased) and The Attorney General 24.04.2014 [2014] JMSC Civ. 53
2012 HCV 03744 Hugh Sam, Suzette Ann Marie v Hugh Sam, Quentin Chong 16.12.2014 [2014] JMSC Civ. 197
2011HCV05347 Hunter, Yanique v Clarke, Conrod George and Beckford, Kirk 17.06.2014 [2014] JMSC Civ.83
2011HCV01239 Hylton, Trudi-Ann v Washington, Wizzard and DaCosta, Patrick Consolidatd with Hylton, Shaun v Washington, Wizzard and DaCosta, Patrick 03.10.2014 [2014] JMSC Civ 242
2014HCV02984 Jacas, Howard (Executor estate Sylbert Juan Jacas, deceased) v Jacas, Bryan; Bryan, Jacas (Attorney of Thelma Jacas) 21.11.2014 [2014] JMSC Civ. 190
2013CD00126 Jamaica Pre-Mix Concrete Limited v Lawrence, Othneil (Trading as Runaway Bay Communication Centre) and Lawrence, Alecia (Trading as Runaway Bay Communications Centre) 25.04.2014 [2014] JMSC Civ. 71
2013CD00146 JMMB Merchang Bank Ltd. v Finzi, Winston and Mahoe Bay Company Ltd. 13.10.2014 [2014] JMCCCD 10
2003HCV01644 Johnson, Cheryl v Treasure, Herbert and Johnson, Wayne consolidated with McIntyre, Odaine et al Consolidated with Lothian, Emilyn et al 07.02.2014 [2014] JMSC Civ. 15
2010 HCV 03067 Jonas, Nickisha v Mowatt, David and Atlas Protection Limited 09.05.2014 [2014] JMSC Civ 76
2013HCV01388 Juici Beef Limited (Trading as Juici Patties) v The Industrial Disputes Tribunal and Benjamin, Donnette 19.12.2014 [2014] JMSC Civ. 188
2014HCV04430 Kandekore, Liyasu M. v COK Sodality Co-operative Credit Union Limited; Daley, Deidre and Ward, Donnovon 24.11.2014 [2014] JMSC Civ 190
2012HCV0666 Kean-Madden, Denese v The Attorney General of Jamaica and Webster-Lawrence, Corporal T. 14.02.2014 [2014] JMSC Civ 23
2007HCV01249 Lambie, Basil Louis Hugh (Also known as Louis Lambie and Levy, Hugh (Representative of the Estate of Leroy Lambie, deceased) v Lambie, Marva (Administrator Ad Litem for the Estate of Max Lambie, deceased) et al 11.04.2014 [2014] JMSC Civ 44
CL LO53 OF 1999 Lattibeaudiere, Wayne v Flames Production Incorporation and Barrett, Patrick 07.05.2014 [2014] JMSC Civ. 225
2013HCV05447 Ledgister, John v Sunnycrest Enterprises Ltd. v Jamaica Redevelopment Foundation Inc. 04.12.2013 2013] JMSC Civ. 210
2011 HCV 03742 Lethe Estate Limited and Great River Rafting and Plantation Tour Limited v Jamaica Public Service Company Limited 21.10.2014 [2014] JMSC Civ 155
2009HCV06486 Lewis, Neil v Baker, Astley 17.01.2014 [2014] JMSC Civ 1
CL 2002/L 030 Lexton Limited v RBTT Bank Jamaica Limited (Removed as Party on November 10, 2009), FINSAC Limited, Dennis Joslin Jamaica Inc. and Jamaica Redevelopment Foundation Inc. 10.04.2014 [2014] JMSC Civ 45
2014HCV02009 Libre, Pacha Zona v Sawalha, Mamdouh Saleh Abdul Jaber 13.11.2014 2014] JMSC Civil 232
2010HCV03635 Lincoln, Carlos v Forrrester, Glover 12.06.2014 2014] JMSC Civ. 98
2010HCV01049 Lowe, Marcia Leonie v Lowe, George Armanth 31.01.2014 [2013[ JMSC Civ. 61
2010HCV04850 MaCaulay, Margarette v Brady, Harold and Golding, Bruce 28.02.2014 [2014] JMSC Civ. 33
2009 HCV 00070 Matalon, Joseph and Honourable Mayer Matalon OJ v Jamaica Observer Limited 15.08.2014 [2014] JMSC Civ 12
2009HCV00070 Matalon, Joseph M. and Matalon, Honourable Mayer v Jamaica Observer Limited 15.08.2014 [2014] JMSC Civ 127
2006HCV02103 McClure, Marjorie v Johnson-Brown, Ferrnah (Executor of purported Last Will and Testament of Leonary Lloyd Brown, deceased and beneficiary named therein) 05.11.2014 [2014] JMSC Civ 210
2010 HCV 0411 McCurdy, Melvin v Campbell, George and Hee Kim, Jin 31.01.2014 [2014] JMSC Civ. 5
2013HCV 03968 McIntosh, Paulette Diana v Campbell, Eric George 09.12.2014 [2014]JMSC Civ. 216
2008HCV00927 McKenzie, Reginald v Box, William 31.10.2014 [2014] JMSC Civ 241
2012 HCV 02000 McLean, Evoni v Pepsi Cola Bottling Co. Ltd and King, Kirk Anthony 04.04.2014 [2014] JMSC Civ. 55
2011 HCV 04176 Menzies-Ann Marie v Proprietors Strata Plan NO. 210 29.09.2014 [2014]JMSC Civ. 142
2011HCV04943 and 2011HCV04669 Messado, Jennifer and Company v North America Holdings Company Limited 20.06.2014 [2014] JMSC Civ.101
2013HCV00068 Michel, Stanley Gabriel Marzo v Banton, Bonnetta and Reid, Desroy 28.11.2014 [2014] JMSC Civ. 218
2013 HCV 02178 Mitchell, Paula (By next friend Daphne Reid) v Global Laboratories and Health Services Limited 21.11.2014 [2014] JMSC Civ 230
2011HCV04003 Moore, Maurisha v Hutton, Devon 08.02.2014 [2014] JMSC Civ 234
2011HCV00232 Morales, Seymour v St. Mary Parish Council and Attorney General of Jamaica 21.11.2014 [2014] JMSC Civ. 188
2007 HCV 01483 and 2013CD0107 and 2009 HCV 00472 and 2013CD00108 Mossel (Jamaica) Limited v Cable and Wireless Jamaica Limited et al 21.07.2014 [2014] JMCC COMM 8
2009HCV03312 Murphy, Shevaughn v Menzie, Carlton and Campbell, Cheryl et al 16.05.2014 [2014] JMSC Civ 243
2009HCV03312 Murphy, Shevaughn v Menzie, Carlton and Others 16.05.2014 [2014] JMSC Civ 243
2013CD00116 Murray, George and Murray, Karin v Petros, Sam 30.07.2014 [2014] JMCC Comm. 6
2010 HCV 05208 Murray, Norma v Murray, Harold 31.10.2014 [2014] JMSC Civ 171
2013 HCV 06917 MZ Holdings Ltd v Cool Petroleum Ltd 31.07.2014 [2014] JMSC Civ. 164
2009HCV034860 Newman, Jermaine Jerome v Chambers, Marva and Chambers, Donovan 13.03.2014 [2014] JMSC Civ. 32
2013CD00072 Northover, Benkley v Northover, Eric; Northover, Rohan; Dixon, Godfrey and Winston G. Northover Associates Limited 19.12.2014 [2014] JMCC Comm. 15
2011HCV00009 O'Connor Reid, Pansy v Reid, Evan 17.07.2014 [2014] JMSC Civ. 110
2010HCV02413 Ocean Chimo Limited v Royal Bank (Jamaica) Ltd (RBC) et al 31.07.2014 [2014] JMCC Comm.7
2010 HCV 01454 Okuonghae, Alexander v University Of Technology Jamaica 19.09.2014 [2014] JMSC Civ. 138
2010 HCV002214 Patterson-James Percival v Cliff Hughes and Nationwide News Network Limited 30.10.2014 [2014] JMSC Civ 167
2013HCV05574 Phillips, Tanya v RBC Royal Bank (Jamaica) Limited 04.02.2014 [2014] JMCC Comm. 2
NO 64/2010 Pinnock, Georgia v Lloyd's Property Development Ltd et al 01.04.2014 [2011] JMCA Civ 9
2014HCV00318 Powell, Clayton v The Industrial Disputes Tribunal and Montego Bay Marine Park Trust 05.12.2014 [2014] JMSC Civ. 196
2011HCV03579 Prince, David v Jamaica Urban Transportation Company 21.08.2014 [2014] JMSC Civ. 107
2013HCV02585 Quant, Shurendy Adelson v Minister of National Security and The Attorney General of Jamaica 15.07.2014 [2014] JMSC Full 01
2013HCV05472 Rainford, Robert v Allen, His Excellency the Most Honourable Sir Patrick et al 06.06.2014 [2014] JMSC Civ. 96
CL 1993/E 083 RBTT Bank Jamaica Limited v YP Seaton et al 24.09.2014 [2014] JMSC Civ. 139
1993CL/E 083 RBTT Bank Jamaica Limited v YP Seaton, Earthcrane Haulage Limited and YP Seaton and Associates 17.03.2014 [2014] JMSC Civ 34
2014HCV0216 Regina v Stewart, Joseph 05.06.2014 [2014]GCCCD 1
2011HCV06104 Regina v The Commissioner of Police, ex parte Kadia Warren 09.05.2014 [2014] JMSC Civ. 97
2014 HCV 02813 Reittie, Royden v National Commercial Bank et al 29.09.2014 [2014] JMSC. Civ. 153
2014 HCV 03907 Richards-Waugh Georgia v Jamaica Teachers Association 19.08.2014 [2014] JMSC Civ. 129
2009HCV03801 Robinson, Leon Courtney (Executor of the estate of Herman L. Denton, deceased) v Chen, Michelle; Chen, Thelma and Chen, Errol (1) 03.10.2014 [2014] JMSC Civ 146
2009HCV03801 Robinson, Leon Courtney (Executor of the estate of Herman L. Denton, deceased) v Chen, Michelle; Chen, Thelma and Chen, Errol(2) 19.12.2014 [2014] JMSC Civ 206
2008HCV00146 Robinson, Verona v Robinson, Marcia 13.02.2014 [2014] JMSC Civ. 19
2014 HCV02278 Rural Transit Association Limited v Jamaica Urban Transit Company Limited et al 29.09.2014 [2014] JMSC Civ. 143
2010HCV5263 Scott, Clarence v Ricketts, Ruby (O/C Ronj Walker) 31.07.2014 [2014] JMSC Civ. 119
2010HCV06078 Shim, Elonia v Shim, Miguel 17.12.2014 [2014] JMSC Civ. 212
2002CLS00206 Spence-Chin, Beverly v Badaloo, Munair; Samuel, Lance, the Attorney General of Jamaica and Pickney, Herbert 06.01.2014 [2014] JMSC Civ. 46
2007HCV 02341 Stewart, Beverly v Cable and Wireless Jamaica, Yadar Kindergarten Preparatory School , Campbell, Victor; Hamilton, Michael and Falconer, Shawn 16.12.2014 2014 JMSC Civ 202
2014HCV0216 Stewart, Joseph v Regina 05.06.2014 [2014]GCCCD 1
2013CDOOO47 Stewart, Lauriston v National Commercial Bank Jamaica Limited 15.01.2014 [2014] JMCC Comm. 1
HCV02667/2010 Sunshine Pump & Supply Ltd. v Island Concrete Co. Ltd. 29.05.2014 [2014] JMSC Civ 239
2011HCV03282 Swaby, Raymond v King, Alicia 08.04.2014 [2014] JMSC Civ. 58
2011HCV4383 Taylor, Edward George v Mahoney, Bernard 11.02.2014 [2014] JMSC Civil 24
2010 HCV 00576 Taylor, Radcliffe v Commissioner of Customs, Kingston Wharves Limited and The Attorney General of Jamaica 11.04.2014 [2014] JMSC Civ 49
2013HCV06677 The Assets Recovery Agency v Fogo, Adrian; Fogo, Patrick; Fogo, Kayann, Patmars Clothing and Rental Co. Ltd.; Poyser, Dawn; McLeod; Smith, Juliet 06.02.2014 [2014] JMSC Civ.10
2012HCV02120 The Assets Recovery Agency v Rowe, Audrene; Rowe, Andrew; Lewis, Chamen and Gallimore, Basil 24.01.2014 [2014] JMSC Civ. 2
2014 HCV 04772 The Jamaica Bar Association v The Attorney General and The General Legal Council 04.11.2014 [2014] JMSC Civ. 179
2012HCV02716 Thomas, Kimesha v Rose, Sylvester Sydney trading as Classic Food Wholesale 24.01.2014 2014] JMSC Civ. 85
2012HCV05676 Tomlinson, Maurice Arnold v Television Jamaica Ltd., CVM Television Ltd. and Public Broadcasting Corporation of Jamaica 17.03.2014 [2014] JMFC Full 1
2012HCV05566 University Hospital Board of Management v Williams-Phillips, Dr. Sandra 08.04.2014 [2014] JMSC Civ. 47
2006HCV03273 Vassel, Cleveland v The Attorney General of Jamaica and Hutchinson, Constable 21.02.2014 [2015] JMSC CIV. 254
2009/HCV 03398 VRL Operations Limited v National Water Commission, Attorney General of Jamaica, National Works Agency, Jose Cartellone Construcciones Civiles, S.A. et al 19.05.2014 [2014] JMSC Civ 84
2012HCV06512 Walters, Shyan v Bernard, Ingrid Vickroy 31.12.2014 [2014] JMSC Civ. 169
2013 HCV 00215 West-Brown,Mitelle Corine v Beresford Elisha West 29.10.2014
2008HCV05214 White, Sanchez v Bedassie, Cleveland; Ellis, Leslie and Beecher, Michael Between Beecher, Michael v Bedassie, Cleveland and Ellis, Leslie 01.04.2014 [2014] JMSC Civ. 36
2014P00230 Whitter, Slidie Basil Joseph 31.10.2014 [2014] JMSC Civ 185
2009HCV00035 Wiggan-Chambers, Patricka V Chambers, Anthony Delroy 07.02.2014 [2014] JMSC Civ. 18
2005HCV02260 Wilkins, Ricardo v Powtronics Electrical Integrated Technology Limited and Ferguson, Donald et al 05.08.2014 [2014] JMSC Civ 124
2013HCV02166 Williams-Phillips, Sandra v University Hospital Board of Management 26.05.2014 [2014] JMSC Civ. 117
2008HCV05389 Wilson, Damean v Dunn, Christopher; Attorney General and Falconer, Everton 31.10.2014 [2014] JMSC Civ 257
2012HCV03731 Wilson, Roy v Juicy Beef Limited and Reid, Paul 23.04.2014 [2014] JMSC Civ. 65


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